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Juggling Life's Goals Made Easy

  • Strategic planning helps youth manage their goals and rewards growth.
  • Community mapping to connect youth to activities and resources in their area.
  • Deeper levels of communication between youth and case managers.
  • Easy development planning allows for customized approaches for each youth.
  • Data visualizations to clearly display progress and aid understanding.
  • Opportunities to engage family and loved ones.

Gamified. Incentives-Driven. Results Oriented.

About us

    Founded in 2015, My New Leaf Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation operating exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. Started by a group of college students looking for ways that technology can empower young people, we continue to look to provide resources and tools to vulnerable populations.

Mission statement

    Create technology applications and community outreach programs designed to foster family engagement, positive adult relationships, racial and ethnic equity, and long term success. Our programs emphasize building relationships, matching interventions to youths’ needs, focusing on incentives rather than sanctions, and providing opportunities for positive youth development.

Who can use it

Anyone who works on youth development by promoting positive behavioral goals.  

  • Schools
  • Social Workers
  • Community Organizations
  • Juvenile Probation
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